Midleton Educate Together N.S.

METNS Creative Writing Community

Literacy is extremely important as we use it every day for all of our lives. Creative writing helps us to improve our literacy skills. Many people dislike creative writing, thinking it a waste of time. This blog aims to provide a creative platform for children’s stories, book reports and poetry. It will also make people more willing to take part in creative writing lessons in school and read more books.

We think that the fact that the authors, poets and book reviewers will enjoy being published on this blog which will encourage them to write more often. This blog will be used for book reports, short stories and poetry by students from junior infants to sixth class. Each month new contributions will be added to the blog for all to see.

There would be the problem of writing who submitted each piece of work on the blog, but it could easily be solved. Lots of people don’t want their names on the blog so we can just write that it is by “anonymous”. We think that if we can make the blog work, the popularity of creative writing will raise a lot by the end of the month.

Thank you, members of the METNS Creative Writing Community