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3rd Class School Tour to Fota

The day had finally arrived, Tuesday 30th May, our school tour to Fota Wildlife Park.

Everyone was excited when we got on the bus. When we arrived to Fota we got into groups and we had to get a partner. First we saw ostriches, then we saw cheetahs, but our favourite were the rhinos they were big and strong but they were standing and eating green grass very calmly. One of our favourite parts was when we went to the tropical house, we saw turtles, snakes and many other tropical animals. We then went for lunch, we all had different snacks. We then went to a forest area and we saw different animals which were running wild, we saw a cat, a rat and a kangaroo. We then had to hide a raisin each and then find it. After the bug hunt some people did not find them but some did and that means we are wiser than squirrels – Yeah ! Then we went for lunch again and after that we went to the playground to play a little bit – we forgot to say that there was a golden goose and it was so sweet. Finally we sat in the bus with our partners. We all wanted to go back to Fota as soon as we left . It was a great trip.

Written by Rhys and Jan  – 3rd Class Don