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4th Class B Rachael – End of Term 1 Blog

4th Class B have had a wonderful, positivity filled 1st term. We have worked so hard and we always try to remember our classroom motto to keep us smiling – #Positivevibesonly. We begin every day with a brain stimulating task and a positive/motivating quote as we always want to get off to a good, happy start!

Our ‘Class Dojo Story’ has been packed full of pictures and comments about some of our exciting adventures and activities that we have been up to, including;  

·         Our ‘Rock Hunt’ to discover the different types, shapes and colour of rocks in our environment.  

·         Drama – we worked in our groups to re-enact the story of ‘The Children of Lir’.

·         Our Polish and Spanish day; 3 of the girls completed a fantastic project on their Native countries, providing plentiful information about their countries, the style of dancing they do and they even brought in delicious food for us to taste!

·         Science Week – all of our different science projects were so interesting and created great excitement as we watched to see if they would work!

·         Our wonderful Winter Performance – they were amazing.

Other things that we have thoroughly enjoyed included:

·         Welcoming a new boy into 4th Class B – Guan Hui arrived from China in September 

·         Creating our group names – Minions, Rebels, Pineapple Jungle, Doritto Nation and Boxing Bunnies.

·         Our South America projects and visit from Múinteoir Julie’s brother Bryan to tell us all about his experience over there.

·         Swimming (we’re very sad that it has come to an end!)

·         Soccer.

·         Our Halloween party – we had some wonderful costumes!

·         Our Pyjama day, where we were cosy, watched a movie and ate popcorn J all because we did such a great job in our Winter Performance!

·         Secret Santa – not so secret!

·         Yoga

·         Art

·         Creating our ‘Positive Vibes Only’ SPHE board.

·         Our Romans projects

·         Achieving our weekly targets!

·         Achieving Class Dojo points.

We are looking forward to Term 2!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year

4th Class B.