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5th class- End of year news

During the months of April and May 5th class were very busy in the classroom so Múinteoir Caroline decided to introduce us to circuit training outside of the classroom. This was a fun way to get all 5th class children involved in physical fitness and GUESS WHAT?  We really enjoyed the exercises. We played both a mixture of simple games as well as more strenuous exercises such as squatting, planking and lunging. As the weeks went by we adapted our circuit exercises to suit our own levels. We then discussed and planned how we could adapt these exercises for younger classes. Once we were confident in our ability we teamed up with Múinteoir Amie’s and Múinteoir Kay’s 1st classes and introduced them to the world of circuit training. It was great fun!!

Thanks to the lovely weather in June we took a trip to Ballyannon woods to complete an outdoor art lesson. On our way, we passed a wishing tree. Anyone who managed to throw a stone into the hole at the top of the tree made a wish. In the woods we practiced sketching the beautiful bluebells that surrounded us. What a way to spend a sunny afternoon!! We also had the privilege of taking part in The Junior Achievement programme ‘Our Universe’ with volunteers from Merck Millipore. We solved a mystery at Maggie’s Manor using chromatography and investigated light using periscopes which we designed and made ourselves. Enjoy the pictures!!


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