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5th class January

Happy New Year everyone!

We came back to school in January and began discussing the flooding that occurred over the holidays. We all had different stories to share. Our writing genre for the month was report writing, so we decided to write a report on the Storm that hit Midleton and the surrounding areas. We enjoyed this so much that we typed our reports and displayed them in our classroom.

We also began writing Gaeilge sentences and have learned all about houses and rooms of the home. Take a look at us singing the song ‘A Nora Bheag’.

During the month we studied the Burren in co. Clare. We then worked collaboratively in small groups and created a geography project based on what we learned about the Burren.

As well as that we took a look at Nelson Mandela and his fight for freedom. We created a pop art display based on Mandela, inspired by the large scale portraits of Chuck Close.

We were also given the opportunity to go to Midleton Fire Station for a fire safety demonstration. We couldn’t believe our eyes when they showed us what would happen if someone threw water on a chip pan. Afterwards we took a look at some of the fire engines.


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