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5th Class – January

Happy New Year everyone!
5th class came back to school after the holidays with a very upbeat and positive attitude.

This year our health promoting schools committee decided to cover the theme of mental health. To show our support, we decided to take our theme- FRIENDSHIP- and create create a colourful rainbow, using hand prints. We incorporated a friendship symbol to accompany the rainbow. Now the poster hangs at the top of our class to remind us how important it is to value friendship.

During the month of January we looked a Nelson Mandela and his fight for freedom. We created a pop art display based on Mandela, inspired by the large scale portraits of Chuck Close. Like Mandela we all have worries so we created a worry/ problem box in case anyone was feeling ‘down’. We brainstormed ideas and agreed to create a colourful box with a plain black sign. To us the black writing represents the problem as being dark and sad. However when the problem is written down and sent to the box, a weight is lifted and we wont feel so bad (the colours represent happiness).

The class also celebrated world religion day on the 26th January. We learned about six world faiths including Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Sikhism and Islam. We became familiar with the symbols of each religion and together created a poster for the school displaying each of the religious symbols and the meaning behind them. Some children also kindly volunteered to share their religious beliefs and customs with the class.

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