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5th class November/December by Aoibhe Martin

In 5th class this November and December we have done and accomplished many things, so I’ll be sharing this interesting information with you. I must admit, we are an interesting bunch.

Well, we had been practising our Winter Performance since the end of October. We had worked extremely hard on that, going over our lines and sometimes even missing our homework!! Obviously the children had worked especially hard to accomplish and learn their many lines. Although it took us some time, we had learned all of our lines and put expression into every word we said. The performance was loved by the other classes that attended and by the parents of the pupils too. The children deserved that homework off!!

The school held their Winter Fair and many pupils and parents attended. There were lots of crafts and food sold there. 5th class sold nearly all their chocolate bar crafts, but they made two, one to sell and one to keep. On each bar cover, there was a message saying ‘Merry Christmas’ in a different language. We also created interesting projects based on how Christmas is celebrated around the world.

We have also been occupied with our science project ‘How Do Fizzy Drinks Affect Our Teeth?’ We worked hard on that, collecting information and learning and even creating an animation for our intriguing project. We were assisted by Belinda Walsh to help with our animation- Thank you Belinda!! All the artwork involved was created by the children. We hope to be attending the Primary Science Fair at Mary Immaculate College, Limerick on Friday 20th of January 2016.

A lot of practice was put into our Winter Performance near the end of November because it was taking place on the 14th of December. It went amazing, if I do say so myself, and the kids were collected earlier for their fabulous work.

5th and 6th class took a trip to Midleton College to pre-view their special performance, along with the nearby school, St. John The Baptist N.S. and  the children had the opportunity to see old friends. The play went exceedingly well, but unfortunately 5th class had to leave, not seeing Act 2 for the performance, due to them needing to finish their animation.

We had collected up surveys for out science project and finished up the experiments. We had typed them up on computers and worked together to find the results. By then we had finished our animation and were in the middle of making graphs.

We had started to collect information for our new type of writing we had learned about. Reports. We had to collect information for our homework and then made plans and discussed other reports, then soon started typing our own reports. Our reports were on animals and every animal was different. Although, people are still typing, they’ll probably be completed soon.

We went to see Moana, the new Disney movie, in the Gate Cinema, Market Green. The kids enjoyed it and we got to bring treats as well for the movie, which was about an hour and a half.

The school also collected non-perishables for the Penny Dinners. We ended school happy, excited and all ready for Christmas!!