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5th class orienteering at the CBS

5th Class Orienteering Blog

On Tuesday the 21st of February the pupils of 5th class took part in an outdoors orienteering event. Liam O’ Brian invited us to the CBS, where the transition year students hosted the event on the school grounds. The girls and boys had a course each and were divided into two different groups. We were given SI cards and maps to show the locations of the checkpoints. The maps were colour-coded to show the trees and buildings. We all progressed around the course in pairs. Teamwork was involved, because we had to work with our partners in order to complete the course effectively. As we ran around the course, we had twenty objectives to find, which were numbered on our maps. To show that we had been to the checkpoint, we had to insert out SI cards into a machine attached to the point that registered our presence. After that, we had to find the next one with the help of our maps. It was a big course. Even though it was outdoors and chilly, we warmed up after a lot of running. There were other schools participating as well as us. At the end of the course, we received a receipt to show our time and the checkpoints that we got to and how long it took us to get to that certain objective. We sat down in the basketball court once we were done and waited for other people because we all started at different times. Once everyone was done, we thanked the hosts and walked safely back to the school.


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