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5th class recycling awareness and Spring clean 2015

During the month of April 5th class thought it was important to raise awareness about the importance of recycling- seeing as we are a Green School and VERY proud to be!!! We broke into small groups to create each step undertaken in the process of aluminium recycling. We then put all our steps together and created a wonderful poster display highlighting the process of aluminium recycling
As April is National Spring Clean month we also decided to take part in litter picking around our local community. National Spring Clean is Ireland’s most popular, well recognised and successful anti-litter initiative. The campaign encourages every sector of society to actively participate and take responsibility for litter, by actually conducting clean-ups in their own local environment. We were provided with litter pickers, gloves, bibs and bags. We collected so much rubbish- you wouldn’t believe it- and we had a blast!!! Thanks to Múinteoir Niamh, Múinteoir Jen and Múinteoir Amy O’ for all their help.