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5th class school tour

5th class had a wonderful school tour on Spike Island and we were definitely put through our paces!! Our day began with a bus trip from school to Cobh. From there we had a quick snack in Cobh town Park. Once the ferry arrived, we jumped on board. Sargent Ken and Sargent Terry were our leaders for the day at Spike Island Adventure centre. We took part in fun military themed outdoor games and activities which required lots of team work. We faced some real challenges throughout the day. We started off playing find the Sniper- it might sound easy- but it wasn’t!! It was basically a military style game of hide and go seek where we learned basic survival skills as well as military medical evacuation techniques to complete our mission and save our mannequin. After lunch we had timed trials on the Stockade which was an assault course based on training courses originally used in both WW1 and WW2- some of us thought we’d never make it but thanks to some encouraging words and helping hand from class mates everyone got through it. We also had lots of fun playing other military games. What an adventurous and memorable day!!!

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