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5th class term 1

5th class were very busy boys and girls during term one. We took time to set ourselves termly and yearly goals and targets. In geography we learned about the counties, towns and provinces of Ireland and made up a song to help us remember these. We also learned about our human rights and created a fabulous tree displaying our own rights and responsibilities. This took lots of time and patience! We researched the Syrian crisis as a whole class. In small groups we then created comics strips detailing the crisis and how it came about. We found this very interesting and displayed our work outside our classroom for all to see.

On top of that we were introduced to one point perspective drawing during art. Our drawing turned out amazing. Múinteoir Caroline was so proud of our efforts. During the month of October 5th class found out we had been accepted to partake in the RDS primary science competition and we began working on our project straight away. We had lots of researching and brainstorming to do first. As well of that we researched the festival of Samhain. We found out many interesting facts while researching this ancient festival and we created spooky silhouettes to celebrate.

With all the work we had to do we still managed to put lots of effort into our winter performance. If you couldn’t make it on the day, now is your chance to take a look. Enjoy!