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6th Class Celebrate Maths Week 2015

Maths Week Ireland took place between the 10th and 18th of October and 6th class were busy participating in many maths challenges during this week. Here is just a sample of some of the maths fun we enjoyed!

Interactive Target Boards.
In Countdown style, the children competed against schools around the country to complete a daily interactive target board online. They loved working together to find different ways to reach the target number.

Creating our own Maths Problems.
The children enjoyed creating their own maths problems. Although, they had to be sure they could solve any problem they created! They really knew how to challenge each other!

We got a glimpse of what maths homework may be like in the future by completing our maths homework online using the maths website MangaHigh.

Maths Survey
Each pupil also completed an All About Me Maths Survey. These surveys really showed us the role maths plays in our everyday lives.

Have you got Maths Eyes?
Finally, some pupils entered a competition to create a maths poster using a photograph they took at home or at school. We have shared these posters by Malika and Lisa to allow you to test out your ‘maths eyes’!


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