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6th Class Trip to UCC

6th Class’ hard work in Term 1 was rewarded with a trip to University College Cork to take part in The UCC Experience.
What an experience it was! The day began with a tour of The Glucksman Gallery where the highlight for everyone was the monumental nutella painting!! It really was a sight to behold and encouraged us to ask lots of questions like…’What is art? ‘ and ‘Does art have to be beautiful?’
Following our gallery tour we embarked on a tour of the campus with our student guide, Barry. Highlights of the tour included; a visit to the Crawford Observatory, the Aula Maxima, the Quad and The President’s Garden.
Our day concluded with a special graduation ceremony in the Quad which really gave us a taste of what graduating from university would feel like.
We learned lots about the history of UCC and also realised that it offers many opportunities for us in the future.
A big thank you to The UCC Visitor’s Centre for providing us with such a fun and engaging UCC Experience.