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If I were Taoiseach by Rang a Trí – Múinteoir Don

Today in class, the children were learning about the General Election which took place today.

As part of their lesson they thought about what they would do if they were elected Taoiseach of Ireland.

These are their best personal suggestions:

  1. Provide more beds for hospital patients and more nurses with better experience.  (By Nell)
  2. Build houses especially for homeless people. (By Oran)
  3. Give refugee children an education when they arrive in Ireland  (By John)
  4. Build more wind turbines to help reduce pollution. (By Bader)
  5. Provide locations in Irish cities where homeless people can get food and sleeping bags. (By Alex)
  6. Pay scientists more money to help them work harder to find cures for diseases that cannot be cured at the moment (By Louis)
  7. Build more council houses for people that need them.(By Conor)
  8. Donate more money to poorer countries to world to help them get clean and healthy water.(By Bailey)
  9. Cut the price of houses so that they are more affordable for everyone, especially homeless people and refugees. (By Malika)
  10. Cut pollution by using more solar panels and wind turbines to make electricity. (By Kyle)
  11. Ensure that the poorest people do not need to pay for food or water so that nobody should go hungry. (by Mary)
  12. Encourage more  fruit and vegetable farming in the country. (By Maria)
  13. Build more hospitals to help unhealthy people become healthy again. (By Antonia)
  14. Help homeless people to have a new start by giving them food, water, money and clothes. This will help them get a job. (By Charlie)
  15. Make the country a cleaner place. (By Napsugar)
  16. Help make life safer for refugee children in the world. (By Yvette)

If elected, I’m confident any one of them could represent their country very successfully.

The future is safe in their hands !