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June in 4B

June 4th  B class blog

4b have been very busy this June, we became Tug of War champions when member s of both 4th classes represented our school in Neptune Stadium. We really enjoyed training for this as a class.

4th class B aka the Mighty Minions have also been so excited about this year’s Active week. It is so nice to see everyone in the school participating in being active and having fun.

Over the week we have done many activities such as GAA skills, tug of war and circuit training. We also really liked tae kwon do, Irish dancing and yoga. We also completed our Sponsor walk where we walked 2.7 km in under 50 minutes and raised lots of money for our new school. We also got active homework which was 60 minutes of an activity every day.

Starting each day the whole school do 10 minutes of exercise which is fun and gets us ready for the day. That’s all for now Alex and Reuban.