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Junior Infants had a ‘fairy’ good time at Tír na Si

The excitement and anticipation for our school tour this year was electric. The children were busy counting down how many sleeps until their first school tour throughout the month of May.

The boys and girls couldn’t believe it when the day came to climb on to the bus and set off on a great adventure. The weather was not ideal but this did not dampen the children’s spirits in any way. When we arrived we all had a little rest and a snack. We were then split in to our groups where we got to do so many fun activities. We had a tour of the farm, where we met lots of friendly animals. We met pigs, alpacas, lamas, deer, cows, sheep and lots more. We also got to visit the fairies in their little woodland. This part of the day was so exciting. We discovered fairy dust on the path and followed it into the woods where we found lots of little fairy doors and windows.

We then set back for the playground. We played miniature golf, had time in the playground and also got a spin on a horse-drawn carriage with Packy the horse!

Finally, we had a bite of lunch and used up our last bit of energy in the indoor play area. The ball pond and the slides were so much fun. It was not surprising that the bus going home was much quieter than in the morning. We had a ‘fairy’ good day!