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May in Bláthú

The students in Bláthú have been hard at work this month! As the weather has been dry for the most part, we’ve been able to get out on the pitch for PE. This was a great opportunity for the boys to learn some hurling skills.
Back in the classroom, the boys have been working diligently on using money during Maths. We’re learning the names of the coins as well as addition of coins.
We’ve also been learning about Healthy Foods and made a traffic light of food. We should be eating lots of the foods in the green light! : )
On a sunny and windy Thursday morning, we strolled to the main street in Midleton and paid a visit to the library! The boys enjoyed reading lots of interesting and colourful books. They particularly liked the Mr.Men and Little Miss books!
The last week of May was a busy week with the school tour and Multicultural Day. On the Tuesday morning, all of the infant classes including Bláthú boarded 3 buses and set off to Rumley’s Open Farm in Waterfall. The first part of the tour was exciting! Our guide, Martin, brought us on a tractor tour of the farm. We saw lots of interesting looking animals; llamas, alpacas, camels and even water buffalo! Martin gave the water buffalo,”Betty”, an apple and even stood on her back! Among others, we saw ostriches, sheep-pigs (!), meerkats, macaws and ring tailed lemurs. We ate lunch at big tables indoors and went back on the farm again in the early afternoon to see cows being milked, baby chicks and spend some enjoyable time in the playground!
On Thursday, the school held Multicultural Day. A wonderful celebration of the cultures and nationalities represented in our school. We chose to create a display on Scotland. The boys carefully painted a map as well as a Loch Ness monster. With crepe paper, they created the national flower of Scotland, a thistle and a Scottish flag. Using glue and strips of paper, they made some impressive Tartan-like pieces.
A very busy and productive month in Bláthú but also very enjoyable!


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