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Our Picks From Term 1 – 6th Class

We here in Sixth Class put down an great first term in school. We have had the opportunity to go swimming and orienteering, we worked amazingly hard to put on our performance of the Wizard of Oz, we laughed and cried as we read Wonder, we put our science hats on for science week, we made a trip to the cinema and the Pantomime AND we still managed to get lots of work done!!

Here are some of our highlights from sixth class so far.


Aine Maths Groups

Wonder book and Movie



Writing in Irish in groups

Ethical Ed.

Writing poems

M. Katherine.

Allesandra Winter Performance

Midleton College Panto

Learning about WW1.

Aoife Midleton College Panto

World War 1

Wonder (watching and reading)

Snowy day Poetry Writing

He wishes for the Clothes of Heaven.

M. Aoibheann and Katherine

Aoibhe G Autumn joining our class

Midlelton College Panto.

Learning about WW1.

Space aliens (art – clay)

Reading Wonder

Aoibhe M I enjoyed long divisionin maths.

I liked making the clay space monsters.

I loved making our space projects.

Having M. Aoibheann.

Doing Mandarin.

Learning about WW1.

Autumn Directing our play

Joinging the school

Last day of school PJ Day.

The poems we wrote.

Claudia Cinema trip to wonder

Art is really fun.

Almost 3 hour pantomime

Amazing teacher M. Aoibheann

Daniel P Swimming – going to the deepest end.

Wonder cinema trip.

PE – I love running.

Daniel Snip Reading and seeing Wonder

Our Winter Performance

Making our clay sace creatures

Our awards from the Button Jar.

Daniel Stash. Absent L
Emily Well my favorite bit in 6th class was all the things M. Aoibheann did for us.
Isabelle Absent L
Jemima Swimming

PJ Day

Midleton College Panto

Wonder Reading and Watching

M. Katherine and Aoibheann

Julia Our Winter Paly

Wonder cinema trip

Our Snow Scape Art (Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening)

M. Aoibheann and M. Katherine.

Killian I enjoyed doing:

Comic Strips


Learning new things with our great teacher.

Luca Wonder (cinema)

PE – Soccer.

M. Katherine.

Super Nova Project

Winter Play

Logan Cross country.

M. Katherine

Wonder (book)

Winter Play/ Wizard of Oz

World War 1

Luke Absent L
Mateo Doing Space (History and Geography)

Reading Wonder

Making clay Space Monsters

M. Aoibheann because she is a great teacher

Michelle I really liked our Winter Performance.

I liked doing the Space Creatures in art.

I really liked the movie Wonder.

M. Katherine.

Mija Learning about WW1

Space Scenes in art

Learning our Winter Performance.

Long division in maths.

Going to see Wonder.

Midleton College Panto.

Anonymous Wonder – cinema and book.

Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening – Art.

Space creatures in clay.

Midleton College Panto

M. Katherine and Aoibheann

Winter Play

Ria Autumn joining

PJ Party

Midleton College Panto.

Cinema trip to Wonder

Winter Performance.

Siun All the art we do.

The projects (SESE)

Midelton College Panto

M. Katherine.

Reading Wonder

Doing comic strps


Szymon Absent L
Zoe PJ Day4Wonder

Panto in Midleton College