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September in 6th Class

This year, the 6th class blogs will be written by some of our 6th class pupils. Stay tuned to hear all about their METNS adventures.

Our September blog was written by Shauna McNamara.

We were very excited to start school this year as now we were the oldest and the wisest among all the pupils. We even got a new classroom in front of the school building with an interactive white board. Our teacher is preparing us for secondary school. We have a new way of doing homework, which allows us to decide how much homework we do each night. We are also able to leave our homework book at home, which makes it easier to carry our bags.
This month has been a busy month. We started off by drawing self-portraits with pastels and Réidín displayed them in the classroom for all to see. Then the following week we started swimming. First we were tested to see which group we would be in and then we started our lessons.
Our Ethical Education theme for this month was responsibility which tied in with the student council elections. Interested parties gave speeches and agreed to attend meeting every second Thursday before school started. The sixth class representatives were Ava and Dylan. Well done guys!
We also started a new subject called writers workshop in which Réidín teaches us about different types of writing styles. We use our new knowledge to create our own stories and afterwards we share them with the person next to us. We are also given an opportunity to read them to the class. At the end of the month, we type up our stories using the school laptops. Afterwards Réidín prints them out and puts them in a special folder for everyone to read.
We have had a great start to the year and we look forward to what Réidín has in store for us next month.