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Terms & Conditions for Pre-Enrolment

Children must be 4 Years of age by June 30th of the year they wish to join Junior Infants.

Receipt of a valid pre-enrollment, via online, post or open day does not guarantee that a place will be offered to your child.

It is your own responsibility to inform Midleton ETNS of any changes to your address, telephone number, or any other relevant circumstances.

Once an offer of a place in the school has been made, you have 14 days to confirm your acceptance.  After the 14 days, any place offerings not accepted will be forfeited.

Places are offered on a strict ‘first come first served basis’ only.

Should you have any questions regarding the pre-enrolment form, or the above terms and conditions, please contact us directly.

Should you require a copy of the full pre-enrolment rules / Terms & Conditions, please click here to download them, also, you could visit Educate Together Ireland’s main website