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10th Year Celebrations

Midleton Educate Together NS started their 10th Year celebrations with the unveiling of two mosaic pieces and the opening of the school’s library, our ‘Reading Garden’.

As a mark of our celebrations 6th class have collaborated to design and create two mosaics. Thank you to our 6th class pupils, teachers, Mike and Sherry.

Our first piece is a celebration of being 10years old and represents a journey, a crossing, an adventure and exploration by the pupils of our school and continue to be on. Being on a boat we experience calm seas and the occasional rough wave or two. These are recognised in the journey each and every child experiences.

Our second piece represents how we are colourful, vibrant and unique. A butterfly is a symbol of change, joy and colour. We see this on a daily basis with our pupils.

Having such a fabulous resource has been a dream for us as a school. We are fortunate that our new building has enabled us to achieve this dream. This dream would not be possible without the hours of dedicated commitment from very special parents and staff. Thank you Joanna, Sherry, Sue, Katherine and Amie.

The ’Reading Garden’ is a room that all pupils will be able to visit and such an effort has gone into ensuring that it is a warm and welcoming area with the most exquisite of art pieces that brings us closer to literature. Thank you Caroline for adding such a fabulous piece for us. The committee has gone above and beyond to ensure the correct reading materials have been sourced to allow our pupils to experience that is the wonder of reading.

We hope you enjoyed following our celebrations on ‘Facebook Live’. We ask you to keep an eye out for more celebrations during the rest of the term.