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1st Class Alan – Maths Activities

We have busy in recent weeks with Maths investigation activities. Firstly we spent some time exploring the theme of ‘Weight’ and discovering which items were heavier or lighter using balance scales. We also used the balance scales when experimenting with different classroom items to find their balance point using interlocking cubes. Estimates were taken before testing and results were later recorded in a group setting.

Most recently we have been identifying various types of patterns that exist. We have explored images of pattern in nature (animals, plants and flowers) and patterns seen in our everyday life (clothes, tiles, wallpaper and food). While exploring different types of pattern, we focused on pattern of colour, pattern of shape and later pattern of number.

We used iPads to identify and record different patterns both outside and inside our classroom with a partner. This created a wide range of answers and showed the terrific observational skills the children possess.