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1st Class – Alan. Skipping, School Tour and iPads

The final term has been very busy but full of fun and new experiences. Our 1st class school tour to the UCC Mardyke Arena was a great success and the children enjoyed each activity as well as the bus trip to and from school.

During the month of May we decided to pause our Daily Mile activities and instead learn a new skill. We took advantage of the fact some new PE equipment had arrived at our school and each day we spent 10-15 minutes practicing our skipping skills. As the days and weeks progressed we grew in confidence and ability to skip continuously and set personal challenges to improve.

We were delighted when we had an opportunity to use the new iPads which also had recently arrived at our school. Firstly, we used the iPads to explore some Music, Art and Maths applications and later used them for Science to record images of different types of natural and manufactured materials around the classroom and outside.