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2nd & 3rd class go plastic free!

We were delighted to recently have a visit from Cork Plastic Free 4 Schools workshop facilitator Ann Foulds. During the workshop, Ann covered a range of environmental topics that are becoming more relevant and urgent in our lives. These topics mainly focused on the use of plastics; especially the drawbacks associated with single use plastics.

The Plastic Free 4 Schools initiative seeks to highlight the growing need to reduce and reuse more than simply recycle. It also creates positive ideas to move away from single use plastics and puts the school community in the driving seat to act as ambassadors for change.

During the workshop the children explored the differences between the various forms of plastics in our surroundings, along with their uses. The children also spent time examining materials which can be reused as well as identifying the materials that are suitable for recycling.

The negatives associated with single use plastics was further explored with the use of Pollu Toys. These stuffed toys illustrated the effect of plastic pollution on marine life as the children were able to identify some of the plastic waste that is ending up in our oceans, seas and rivers.

As ambassadors for change, the school community can take steps to create awareness of the problem but more importantly it can also create easy solutions to some of these problems.

One key solution is the litter free lunchbox. The litter free lunchbox is a creative, practical and positive step to reduce the need for single use plastic by making a number of small changes.

Some of these steps include;

  • Have a lunch box with different compartments to hold loose foods.
  • Have a reusable water bottle instead of bringing bottled drinks.
  • Don’t use plastic cutlery; bring real cutlery from home. Use it, clean it and reuse it.
  • Clean and reuse all rigid plastics at home. E.g. Large yogurt plastic tubs.

Please visit and #PF4S to get more information.


Please see some helpful ideas attached.



Litter free lunch box