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4th Class A Julie – End of Term 1 Blog

20th December 2017

Today our class reflected on a busy 1st Term as 4th Class A. We all agreed how exciting and daunting it was beginning school in our new fancy building, and we also agreed how quickly we have become used to our new home.

We have worked very hard at all subjects. We work as historians, scientists, geographers, mathematicians, writers, artists, philosophers, musicians and linguists. We began a Mindfulness journey in September, as we practice Mindfulness Meditation every day. We even had a Mindfulness Researcher come visit our class recently and observe our mindfulness practice and talk to us about it.

Some of our weird and wonderful memories of this term have been:

1.      Pyjama Party with 4th Class B

2.      Projects on South America, and our visit from Múinteoir Julie’s brother Bryan

3.      Science week, when we did lots of experiments in class and also with 6th Class

4.      We were the very first class to do our Winter Performance, and we rocked the stage with our class rap, drama, and songs.

5.      We celebrated a lucky Friday 13th!

6.      Yuri’s mom came to talk about Italy and fed us fried pizza…..yum!

7.      Construction Projects using recyclable materials

8.      The strange day when one boy in the class managed to stand on his own finger. (He survived!)

9.      The time the sheep invaded the school and pooped wrecklessly!

We are really looking forward to Term 2 but we are in need of a bit of time off, and we are looking forward to our upcoming holidays.

Seasons Greetings to you all, le gach dea-ghuí,

4th Class A