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4th Class A November Blog

November in Laura’s 4th class was lots of fun, well it always is with Laura. Some of the most exciting things we did are down below:
Art – Mona Lisa:
Teacher gave us a cut out of Mona Lisa’s face and we all created our own background to it. They turned out really funny. We stuck down the face and some of us drew a body and different backgrounds.
Science was lots of fun in November. Firstly, we did an epic dry ice experiment where we mixed dry ice with different substances and watched for a chemical reaction. We did another experiment in science – the butter experiment. Teacher gave us double cream in groups and we poured it into a plastic bottle. Then, for about 15 minutes we shook the bottle and watched as the cream formed butter and buttermilk.
We learned about decimals in Maths. It was really fun but tricky. M. Olwyn came in to help us with learning about decimals.
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Arron and Oliver
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