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4th Class Laura – October Blog

October in Laura’s 4th class was busy but fun. We did lots of different activities.

One of the things that we did was making clay leaves. We went exploring the school grounds for leaves as inspiration. It was really fun and they turned out amazing. We also created our own human skeletons during art using cotton buds.

This month we did Yoga with Irene and it taught us how to relax. We really enjoyed trying the different poses.

During our Halloween party, our old and loved class mate came in to visit. We were so happy to see her and find out how she’s getting on in her new school.

In history, we learned about the Medieval Age and in groups, we created our own Medieval towns using our map skills from Geography.

In Geography, we have been learning about the counties of Ireland. We all researched facts about different counties and we learned a lot from each other.

For Maths, we learned division. We played different games to help us understand it better. We also learned more about telling the time. To help us, we created our own clocks!

Rinneamar an téama ‘bia’ i nGaeilge i rith an míosa.

For English, we planned, drafted and edited our very out autobiographies. It was great fun and we enjoyed reading each others.

That’s all for October, Slán.