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6th Class Shelley January 2022

January has been a successful and exciting month for 6th class Shelley because we have been learning about China and everything about it. We created fantastic projects about all the animals, buildings, foods and lots more. We constructed 3D China maps with vibrant colors, breath taking buildings and fabulous rivers and mountains. We have looked at China’s prosperous history and studied a lot of important and intriguing facts and were amazed.


We created colorful and unique fireworks displays as well as our names written in Mandarin. This year is the year of the tiger in the Chinese zodiac and so made tiger origami. We studied myths and legends about ancient China and we also read about the fascinating political evolution of China.


In Maths our theme was money and we discovered new information about taxes and the currency of China as well as other currencies of other countries around the globe. In geography we studied the diverse landscapes of China about the peculiar yellow river and the immense Yangtze river as well as the incredible Great Wall of China with its astonishing measurement and its remarkable heritage.


We treasured the experience learning about China and we hope to learn about this miraculous country again.


Written by Nikolai Von Ascheraden and Roseline Tuytten, 6th class Shelley