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6th Class Very Berry Smoothie Recipe

6th class have created their own healthy and nutritious fruit smoothie. It is easy to make and it is also delicious to drink! Below are the ingredients required and the instructions needed for making the Very Berry Smoothie.

• Half a banana
• Natural Yoghurt – 175g
• Water – 200mls
• Blueberries – 30g
• Strawberries – 30g
• Raspberries – 30g

1. Pour all of the water into the blender
2. Carefully add 3 to 4 dollops of natural yoghurt
3. Chop your banana into pieces and put them into the blender
4. Place all of the remaining fruit in the blender
5. Blend ingredients for 30-35 seconds (until well mixed)
6. If not smooth enough, blend for an additional 10-15 seconds
7. Pour smoothie into a glass and serve
8. Enjoy!