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Board of Management

This morning saw our parent body vote for their Parent representatives. It was wonderful to see such a high return of the voting forms. Thank you for participating in this democratic process.

We welcome Áine and Ger to represent our parents, congratulations to the both of them. A big thank you to Miriam and Damien who participated in the process. We have been very fortuante to have two wonderful parents in Miriam and Mohammed represent the parents so diligiently over the past four years.

Congratulations to Bairbre also for being voted as the next teacher representative. A big thank you to Katherine for completing the role so wonderfully.

The new Board will commence from the 1st of the December. The process of completing the new Board is ongoing and we will keep you informed when the process is finalised.

The pictures below show the intense counting of the parent votes…..a very pressurised hour. IMG_0096