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Global Earth Day Results

A group of 5th class students organised an art competition for Global Earth Day. Children from all classes entered the competition and did excellent art work. The judges had a very difficult task in choosing the winners because they were all so brilliant. After much deliberation, the judges, Principal Rhodri and Hannah chose the lucky winners!

Category: Juniors, Seniors and Bláthú

1st Place: Faye O’Sullivan (Junior Infants, Múinteoir Réidín)

2nd Place: Oliwia Spyt (Senior Infants, Múinteoir Diane)

3rd Place: Harry Parkinson (Senior Infants, Múinteoir Diane)


Category: 1st, 2nd and 3rd

1st Place: Katie Brown (3rd Class)

2nd Place: Elena Byrne (3rd Class)

3rd Place: Charlotte Riff (3rd Class)


Category: 4th, 5th and 6th

1st Place: Gabriel Matejko

2nd Place: Heather Meaney

3rd Place: Alma Suvorova

Honourable mentions: Nikola Smolonova, Nikola Spyt, Elizabeth Kyramaah, Laura Brouder (5th Class), Jodie O’Sullivan (4th Class), Bláthú and Junior Infants (Múinteoir Réidín)


Well done all that participated in the event.

Written by Rachel Brouder (5th Class Pupil)

Amber_3rdPlace_4th_6th Amber_Laura Bláthú Charlotte_3rdPlace_1st_3rdClass Faye_O_1stPlace_juniors Faye_1stPlace_Juniors_And_Akim Elena_Laura Elena_2ndPlace_1st_3rdClass Charlotte_Akim Gabriel1stPlace4th_6thClass Gabrile_1stPlace_Seniors_withLaura_Akim_David_Emanuel_Rachel HarryRunnerUp3rdPlaceJuniors Hearher5thClassRunnerUp2ndPlace JuniorInfantGroupEntry Rachel_Oliwia Oliwia_RunnerUp_2ndPlace_JuniorCategory LauraandRachel_Harry Katie_Rachel Katie_1stPlace_1st_3rdCategory