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GMC Music Workshop with 5th Class

On the 20th of June, Garry McCarthy from GMC beats came to our class for a music workshop. When we arrived into our room he had his equipment set up and we were all allowed to experiment with it by pressing the buttons and keys and speaking into the microphones.

During the morning, we learned about creative song writing, rapping, singing, music technology, recording and performance.  After that, we discussed different types of raps. We learned that rap songs don’t always have to be fast and that slow raps can sound just as good. Garry demonstrated one of his raps called ‘Drop Your Tools’ for us. He also rapped in Gaeilge and showed us how to freestyle. It was great to see his passion and talent for music.

Later our class worked together to create the first lyrics for our future rap. He then split us up into three groups to create our own verses. Garry worked individually with each group which was very helpful. We practiced rapping out verses in our groups. Then we picked the lines we wanted to rap. Thirdly, we recorded our lines and added music. Garry edited the song/rap and put it all together. Liam and Múinteoir Julie from Blathú came also came over and joined in .We learnt that ANYONE can make music regardless of age or experience. It took us a whole school day, but it was so worth it. Performing our lyrics in front of our peers helped us gain confidence.  The rap song is called ‘Summer Vibes’. We love listening to it and it was very enjoyable to create.

By: Ria , Isabella, Aoibhe M, Mija, Szymon & Claudia