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Jess O’Shea and the Brendan Martin Cup

We were very fortuante to welcome a member from the successful Cork Ladies Football Team to our school this morning. Jess O’Shea a native of East Cork visited our excited pupils with the Brendan Martin Cup and took valuable time from her busy schedule to answer questions from our eager students.

We learnt that we should never give up on our goals and dreams and always continue to work hard to succeed. Success does not happen overnight, it is something we strive for and work hard towards achieving personal goals.

Jess is a member of a very successful panel of ladies who have achieved a lot in representing Cork in Ladies Football. They have successfully won the Brendan Martin Cup for three successive seasons and have won a total of 11 championships since 2005. They also boast 10 National League wins since 2005 also.

They are a truly remarkable and wonderful group of ladies.

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