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Junior Infants in January

January was a great month in Junior Infants. We started our new theme for Aistear which was ‘The Restaurant’. The children learned a lot about the restaurant through play and fun activities. There were customers, chefs, waiters and waitresses in the role play area. Some of the customers even caused a bit of trouble and had to be arrested for messing up the restaurant and refusing to pay! Other children created lovely meals using junk art whilst some made ovens, kitchens and furniture in the construction area.

During this month we explored colour through co-operative painting. The children worked in pairs to paint turtles and clown fish. The photos show the children discovering what happens when you mix blue and yellow together. This was great fun.

Each week we continue to learn new sounds and blend words. We are getting very good at reading and enjoy story-time in school. Keep up the good work!