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METNS World Book Day and 10th Year Celebrations

It is incredible to see such colour, vibrancy and community togetherness when you look at Midleton Educate Together NS. Today we celebrated two wonderful days.

World Book Day is an annual important day in our school calendar. We celebrated the wonderful books and characters that mean so much to us as individuals. The effort that we saw today was memorable. Staff and pupils thank you for the effort. We had an incredibly ‘Hungry Caterpillar’, plenty of ‘Wally’s!!’, a few Mr Bumps, more than two ‘Things’, Incredible Mr Fox, Miss Trunchbull and Mary Poppins to name a few. The school was full of fun, smiles and sillyness!!

Can you find Wally in our Pictures?

We also have started our 10th year celebrations with our ‘dress up day’. It is hard to believe that this time 10 years ago we were two classes in the Rugby Club in Midleton. The journey we are on is a joyous adventure and we thank you all for supporting the school as we evolve. The weather wasn’t too kind to us today but we had fun none the less!

Watch this space to see more of our 10 year celebrations.