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Music lessons with 3rd class

30 students in 3rd class have just finished a 5 week afterschool workshop in brass and woodwind instruments. During the workshops the children got the chance to learn about the different instruments that make up a concert band and had the opportunity to practice playing them.

The brass groups started by learning to buzz on a mouthpiece and made their first sounds on a cornet or trumpet with Múinteoir Alice (2nd class). The woodwind groups worked with Múinteoir Emma (SET 2nd class) and Hannah (Army band/Midleton Concert Band) to try out the flute, clarinet and saxophone. Every group also learned to read musical notation and used boomwhackers to play some well known tunes with Múinteoir Holly (3rd class) and Múinteoir Claire (5th class).
We had a really enjoyable 5 weeks, with lots of fun and learning. Well done to everyone for trying out a new skill!