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Safer Internet Day 2017 at METNS

Today the children from 3rd to 6th class took part in a range of classroom based activities to promote Safer Internet Day  2017.  They joined thousands of children around the world in improving their awareness of how best to stay safe online whilst enjoying the many wonderful experiences that the internet can give.

Every child from classes 3rd to 6th at METNS received a Safer Internet Day wristband featuring the twitter hashtag #UPTOUS.

The children in Don’s 3rd class enjoyed creating a SAFE ONLINE CODE in a similar style to the well know Safe Cross Code. They combined the key messages from the recent Zeeko Internet Safety workshop that all 3rd to 6th class children attended along with their excellent writing skills.

You can read it below.

The Safe Online Code by Don’s 3rd Class

1-2-3        Be Safe

4-5-6        Online

1-2-3-4-5-6   Safe Online

One, look for a chatbudi,

Two, don’t worry, they won’t blame you,

Three, don’t share too much or you’ll give yourself away.

Remember !

Four, if there’s trouble near you,

Five, use STOP-BLOCK-TELL mode,

Six, beware but still have fun, that’s the Online Code !


Safe place, with Online Code

Safe place, with Online Code

Safe Time, you’ll be fine

Always keep your profile “mine”

If a bully’s coming, make sure to block

Close your profile with a lock !

Then be safe once again

Keep surfing,

That’s the code !


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