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Science Week – 6th class Shelley

Written by Antonia- 6th class.

Science week was very fun for all of us. First our class did a dry ice experiment, ice that is very very cold and can burn your hands its so cold, so we wore gloves for our experiments. We learned that it doesn’t melt into water,  it evaporates into gas, skipping the process of going from a solid to a liquid. This is called sublimation.

Then we studied light and how it reflects in different ways, depending on the surface that it bounces off and that light travels in straight lines.We looked trough convex and concave lenses, one made things look smaller and closer and the other made everything blurry. We also did mirror writing.

We had a lot of fun playing with magnets in class. Having a magnetic paper-clip race and finding magnetic objects in class. We found out that each magnet has a south and north side, and that opposites attract and similar poles or ends of the magnet repel. Science week was great fun!