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Tree Planting and Time Capsule

On Monday the 13th of May we continued our 10th Year Celebrations with a ceremony to mark the journey we have been on and a journey that we will embark on.

‘Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow’. How apt with a tree planting ceremony to mark our birthday year.

This time 10 years ago we were finishing our first year as a school in Midleton Rugby Club with 26 pupils and 3 teachers.

We have come a long way. Our school community has expanded dramatically and our pupils and their positive and happy demeanour is a testament of what we have achieved and will continue to do so over the next 10 years and beyond.

The building we see standing on the site is only a shell that enables us to achieve.  This school allow our pupils to reach their potential, see their friends and to be happy.

Our ceremony focused on planting a tree that represents where we are now and the future growth in each and every one of us.

We also have a time capsule that we will bury that includes many wonderful ideas and creative suggestions how our school will look like in another ten years. We look forward to seeing the swimming pool and cinema!!

We were thrilled to have Diane and Terry with us this morning to help us with our important tasks.

Terry has been an important part of the school since we were in the Rugby Club and has seen and been a part of the journey. We will be sad to see Terry retire at the end of the academic year.

Diane has been part of Midleton Educate Together NS for 7 years and has achieved so much. Diane moves to the Kingdom in the coming weeks and we are excited for her.

We used the same shovel that we used for our sod turning ceremony on this very site. Another symbol of the journey that we find ourselves on.

Our time capsule has content prepared by our own pupils. We look forward to seeing it again in ten years.

Thank you all for experiencing this celebration with us. We hope you enjoyed following our recent ‘Facebook Live’ feed?

Three cheers for Midleton ETNS.