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World Book Week in 4th class

On the 4th-8th March we celebrated World Book Week. Each class had a different way to celebrate it. In 4th class we had a ‘World Cup Book’ competition. Múinteoir John and Múinteoir Laura read two books to the classes at the end of each day – in total there were 8 books. We voted between the two books each day and 4 made it through to the semi-finals. The book that won was ‘The Book with No Pictures’ with 23 votes.

We also had a whole-school assembly to celebrate World Book Day. It was very exciting to see everyone’s costumes and during assembly we had a quiz about books! Some students from 6th class Shelley came to read stories they had written. We presented our own projects to our class.

We interviewed some students in the school to see what their favourite books were.
2nd class Alan – Áine’s loves Tom Gates.
2nd class Ciara – Hussan and Hussain love Billionaire Boy.
3rd class Elaine – Conan also loves Billionaire Boy
3rd class Angela – Lola loves Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
4th class John – Emily Rose also loves Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Hannah loves The Witch War Series and Cian loves Grampa’s Great Escape.

Maybe you should read these books sometime! We LOVE books.
Written by Mae and Brajan (4th class Laura).