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World Religion Day 2018

World Religion day was celebrated on Friday 26th January. Its a day of celebration to acknowledge everyone’s different beliefs not just in our school community but beliefs worldwide. We started the day with a whole school assembly which was led by both 2nd classes. The children from 2nd classes taught the school about four different religions- which day people worship, the different clothes worn and about different beliefs. We then finished our assembly script with a beautiful version of “What a wonderful world”. Video of the fabulous singing below. Then as a whole school we concluded assembly with all classes singing “One World”.

There was a great variety of in class activities throughout the school for the day including book reading, poems and dramas based on world religions. A big thank you also to the parents who visited the classes to talk to the children about a variety of faiths. Good luck to all classes who entered the World Religion Day art competition!


IMG_8817 (Link – One World Song)