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Yellow Flag Award 2016

Midleton ETNS has been awarded a second Yellow Flag in recognition of our work in tackling racism and creating a more welcoming environment for all cultures and minorities. What a great achievement! We were the first school in cork to be awarded with the Yellow Flag in 2013 so we are tremendously proud to be awarded our second flag. The Yellow Flag initiative is such a wonderful programme. METNS is rich in diversity, and so it’s really important to appreciate and celebrate difference, inclusion and all the cultures in our school community. This is what the yellow flag encompasses.

The yellow flag committee travelled to Dublin to be awarded our flag. We were very inspired by motivational speakers, music and school performances on the day. There were 13 other schools being awarded with the yellow flag on the day and 6 schools with their second flag. Over 20,000 students have participated in the yellow flag programme to date in Ireland.

This is our diversity code which was collaborated by the yellow flag committee and really encompasses what we stand for in METNS. This is now on display in all classrooms.

We are all united under the sun,
We are loyal to everyone,
Like sister and brother
We do not exclude each other.
We all play together, whatever the weather,
We should all have pride, it’ll show your best side,
All around you different faces,
Different people from different places,
Different colour shape and size,
Accepting difference now that is wise,
We are all friends in this school,
That is why we are cool,
You are different, I am too,
But we are equal, me and you

Huge congratulations to the Yellow Flag committee and especially well done to all the pupils of METNS for embracing diversity and for all their hard work and contributions for this outstanding award. Well done!


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