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Changes to the PA Constitution

As part  of its ongoing update of school policies and guidelines, the Board of Management, in conjunction with the present PA Committee, are suggesting the following additions and amendments to the existing PA constitution:

1. Add the officer role of PRO and Sub-Committee Co-ordinator.

2. Parental representation on the Committee.

3. Detaill the role of the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer of the Committee.

4. Detail the formal process for the AGM of the Committee.

These changes will be discussed at the AGM on Thursday 15 October at 8pm in school.  All parents and guardians are welcome at the AGM and your input would be greatly appreciated.  If you cannot attend the AGM and would like to make your views known, please contact the PAC at and your feedback will be read out at the AGM.

PA Constitution version 2016

PA Consitution Ammendments 2017