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Explore the globe with 1st class…

Charlie, Imogen and Tara’s 1st class have been exploring the globe. We are very lucky to celebrating such a diverse range of languages and heritages in our classrooms this year. We have pupils from Poland, South Africa, Syria, Latvia, England, America, Slovenia, South Korea, Nigeria, Iran, Ukraine, Moldova, Portugal, Hungary, Brazil, Pakistan, and India. We have began to carry out ‘World Language Wednesdays’ where pupils get the opportunity to teach the class a word from their native language. These words are displayed and celebrated on our diversity wall.

We are learning that diversity is not how we differ, rather how we embrace one another’s uniqueness.

D ifferent

I   ndividuals

V aluing

E achother

R egardless of

S kin

I  ntellect

T alents or

Y ears