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Irlande Douze Points!

We have been getting very continental here in Mary’s Bláthú 4th class. We have been learning a lot about Europe; map making, map reading, making flags, capital cities, virtual tours. In particular, we have learned a lot about Iceland; it’s dramatic landscapes, glaciers and volcanoes, as well as it’s traditions such as the annual sheep round up called Réttir and that dried shark is an Icelandic delicacy (although we have yet to try it!). We also looked back on the Eurovision and all of Ireland’s wins, as well as some of the more whacky Eurovision entries that have ended up on stage in the past number of years. For Art, we have learned about one of our favourite European artists, Vincent Van Gogh. We recreated one of his most famous paintings “Sunflowers” using oil pastels, which tied in nicely with the sunflowers that we have grown from seed in class!