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A great start to the year for our Junior Infants

Junior Infants are a wonderfully special class as they are starting a new adventure in their life. This year’s infants are even more unique as they begin their school life in the brand-new, beautiful building that is Midleton Educate Together N.S. The boys and girls have enjoyed settling in to their new class and their new routines. They have shared the exciting journey of exploring the new school with all the other students and staff!

We have walked around the school to see our lovely building. The children are mostly excited about the outdoor class-room and the goal-posts in the senior yard. We are looking forward to using all the facilities over the next few months.

In maths we have learned how to sort objects in to sets according to colour and size. We have been practicing our nursery rhymes in English and identifying words that rhyme. We have explored how we have changed since we were babies and learned lots of new words in Gaeilge.

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