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2nd Class Yoga

All three 2nd classes recently finished a six week run of yoga sessions with Irene Hurley. Each session featured a host of elements which were repeated each week to help build familiarity, relevance and confidence through increased practise. With each passing session the children became more self aware in relation to how their bodies felt, along with their own feelings and emotions in the present moment.

The children experienced a mix of meditative reflection, concentration games and practised a range of yoga poses. In addition to these elements, the children were introduced to the “step breathing” technique which has a range of benefits including calming the mind and body during times of anxiety, fear or over excitement.

The positive impact was clear during and after each session, especially when the children had the chance to provide feedback after the six weeks had finished. Some of the comments below came directly from the children of Alan, Aoife and Danielle’s classes.


I liked yoga because it made me calm. It was fun because we played Yogi Says.

I really enjoyed the yoga games. I also enjoyed the meditation too.”

“I liked the step breathing in yoga because it was relaxing. “